Kid Rich & Wonton Don – Rough N Rowdy (Brawl 4) Theme Song

So rapper Kid Rich hit me out the blue and asked me to produce a beat with a boxing theme.. ok cool. I’m honestly thinking it’s a low to no budget company just coming out of the blue for a dip into hip-hop but to my surprise it’s Wonton Don aka @DonnieDoes ; a correspondent for this bugged out media company called Barstool Sports. They had an event called Rough N Rowdy Brawl coming to the Covelli Center in downtown Youngstown and wanted to give a good look on promo to a Youngstown Rapper.. fair enough. I forgot about this until the day before Kid Rich was scheduled to meet with Wonton Don. Long story short.. it was a good look totaling at over 100k views and counting across all social media platforms.. These are some crazy motherfuccaz!!!

Watch the music video for “Rough N Rowdy below.

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