Don Kody hails from the former steel capital of the world: Youngstown, Ohio aka Crimetown,USA (due to mafia’s presence) the home of local boxing legend Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini, actor Ed O’Neil (Married With Children, Modern Family), and coach Jim Tressel just to name a few.
Vowing to never succomb to the heartless street life “The Y.O.” had to offer, Kody dove head first in music not only as a passion but a stress relief. Due diligence its no surprise he developed into a multifaceted artist/producer with an educated street savy and clever wordplay displayed with any song topic. Kody’s production influences are embodied in his beats which resulted in he not having a “signature sound” mindful of the fact every region enjoy different sound takes on popular music so why be in a box?
No stranger shoe string budgets, Kody developed a niche for networking via social media pushing his music and brand which eventally lead to various cross-promotion endeavors with companies such as Push Promotions, featured on top Bay Area Hip-Hop blog, Goodtimes USA, Hunid Racks Energy Drink, The HYPE Magazine, Frisco Street Show, Nerve DJ’s & Ohio Hip-Hop Awards co-founder Quincy “Big Heff” Taylor as well as producing with MoJo Bots, a production team consisting of Myke Groov & Rufus Blaq (songwriter/producer for likes of B2K, Salt-N-Pepa, Faith Evans, and more) and even hosting, sequencing, and designing retail mixtapes with Bay Area hip-hop legends like San Quinn, The Jacka, Messy Marv, and Husalah.
Don Kody’s recent work consists of his new compilation series “The Digital Dope House”. The lead single “Wit The Shinit” feat. Bisshop & Money Inc is available now.