Don Kody (Got Slapz) hails from the former steel capital of the world: Youngstown, Ohio aka Crimetown,USA. The hometown of some heavyweights like boxers Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini & Kelly Pavilik, actor Ed O’Neil (Married With Children, Modern Family), and Omarosa Manigault just to name a few.

@ Dem Packboiz Video Shoot

Youngstown never recovered the loss of revenue via steel mills turning the small major city into a crime infested drug laden wasteland. Vowing to never succumb to the heartless street life “The Y.O.” had to offer, Kody dove head first in music not only as a passion but a stress relief. The 2nd youngest of 7 sibilings have a wide ranged palette of musical influences from Kenny G, Anita Baker, Funkadelic, Scott & Raven to NWA, Too Short, MC Breed, DJ Magic Mike…..the list really runs long! Due diligence he developed into a songwriter. Kody learned song structure from reading the record jackets as songs played.

This love of music developed him into multifaceted artist/producer. As a rapper, his rhymes could be descibe as educated street content with vast wordplay due to heavy westocoast lifestyle influnces coupled with the fact his older siblings were deep in the street life really early plus being a gifted child making reading and writing effortless. At one point he was a child prodigy of sorts.

As a producer, his influences run so deep and varied that it resulted in him not having a “signature sound” in a business that kind of demanded that of producers. He was mindful of the fact every region enjoy different sound takes on popular music so why be in a box? That’s why he can go from G-Funk to Trap production without blinking. When you love it all it’s hard to make only one type of music.

@ Yompton Digital

Kody learned that talent alone wouldn’t cut it especially in a city where most people had to leave to find and become successful in the entertainment business. Lack of support and finacial backing caused him to miss some key oppourtunites but he never lost faith and continued to make a way out of no way becoming the top music producer in the Youngstown area. His productions often overshadowed his song making and writing but still managed to signed his first management contract with former Mo Thugs promoter giving he some music industry experience at a really young age.

No Limit Records, Jet Life

Fast forward some years later, Kody was talked into entering the DJ game which was more of a hustle than a passion because it was “right now money” for gigs. Sympathizing with other struggling artists, he used his DJ platform to promote those artists as well as himself.

He developed a niche for networking via social media pushing his music and brand which lead to various cross-promotions with companies such as
Hunid Racks Energy Drink, Goodtimes USA, The HYPE Magazine, Big Heff , Frisco Street Show, Barstool Sports and more.

I was the DJ for his show that night.

These days Kody is working with Livewire Records artist P Hustle, producing for the indie label Shark Livin Entertainment’s artist roster, Bay Area rap legend San Quinn, and co-producing with Mojo Botz headed by platimum songwriter/producer Rufus Blaq and various independent artists all over the country.