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I Won 1st Place in Mass Appeal's Rhythm Roulette: Tracklib Edition Beat Battle

Yo the most insane thing happened to me. I'm a legit fan of Rhythm Roulette on the Mass Appeal YouTube channel for obvious reasons. I came across this beat battle and figured WTH let's give it a whirl... well imagine my suprise doing morning business in bathroom scolling IG, I get a message telling me I won and they will announce it later.. I'm on the toilet pumping my fist in the air like I'm at Public Enemy concert... Rockwilder of Def Squad (Erick Sermon, Redman, ect.) selected me. Check it out here!!


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Don Kody hails from the northside of Youngstown, Ohio aka Crimetown, USA. This is the small mafia town that gave the world the likes of funk legend Billy Beck (Ohio Players, Zapp), Warner Brothers, Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini, Kelly Pavlik, Ed O’Neil, Jim Tressel, Jim Traficant, & Omarosa Manigault just to name a few.

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