The Slap Gawd Is Here

The Slap Gawd Is Here

Meet Don Kody aka Don Kody Got Slapz: Tracklib & Mass Appeal's " Rhythm Roulette" producer competition winner and newly minted 2021 Producer Plug Beat Battle Champ is ready to take 2022 head on as The Slap Gawd embarks on a new musical journey starting with his profit partnership with Ingrooves/UMG-backed Intercept Music, content deal with new social music app Panthr Music. Under the Panthr deal Don Kody setup a content subscription model for the home of the newly developed hybrid playlist/radio station called "Slapify Radio", interview podcast "Tap'd In w/ Don Kody" & the DIY artist music publishing vlog "Taking The Stairs", and upcoming Panthr-exclusive full length album "The Misinterpretation of Epitome" due out this year.

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    We offer professional music services with a fast turnaround time.

    • Custom Beats

      Custom Beats

      Want a specific type beat or just want to make song to a vibe I come up with based on you idea? Serious artists, labels, ect. only.

    • Artist Consultations

      Artist Consultations

      Do you want to ask a few questions regarding the self-published side of the music business? Let's do 30-minute Google Meet. You may find the clarity needed to maximize your potential.

    • Slapify Radio Music Submissions

      Slapify Radio Music Submissions

      This is free of charge. Submit your music for consideration to played and even showcased on Don Kody's station powered by Panthr Music

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    Please read my Frequently Asked Questions. Spare us all some anxiety.

    What's the difference between leased beats & exclusive beats?

    Leased beats: Multiple artists/groups can record & release a song same beat. Don Kody remains owner CAN resell the beat. Exclusive beats: Only one artist/group can record & release a song same beat. Don Kody CANNOT resell the beat.

    How much are custom beats?

    For unsigned/small indie artists; $350 For large indies & majors; submit an offer.

    Do you offer music services?

    Yes. Custom Beats, Artist Consultations, Artist takeovers on Slapify Radio.

    Where do I submit my music for Slapify Radio?

    Email your music in this format "Artist Name - Song Title" to

    Why can't I contact you to ask business questions on social media?

    I conduct business thru this website and is more ideal for prompt response. This website IS my office. I use social media for promotional purposes and is likely to not answer messages promptly .

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